Privacy Policy

How Gear Handle User Data

The web URL browsing history will automatically record for quick access from search bar.

The history, bookmark, download list, top sites data are stored into local device database in current.

There are many websites using cookies, web database and session data to identify visitors and store information about their site user. Gear stores those data based on privacy settings but how the cookie and data is used is determined by the website. Therefore it is important that you understand the privacy policy of the websites you are visiting.

Cookie, web database, session data, auto-fill password are also stroed in local device and handled by WKWebView from iOS native operation system.

Gear do not share, upload, modify, record any of user data (bookmark, history, download list, password, cookie, web database, session data and more) to our server or third-party companies or organizations.

User can clear up all bookmarks, histories, and download list from lists manager (Home -> Lists), and clear up cookies, web database, session data from setting page (Setting -> Cache). Top sites can be removed from home page (long pressing the site icon).

Web customization script and style data (being available for Gear Pro) for dedicated site setting are stored in local database. It will be cleared up while uninstalling the application.

Totally, Gear Browser in current is a full local based browser and not using any API to upload and download user data to our server.

Ads Blocking

While Ads blocking feature is enabled, Gear will block some advertising scripts and hide ad elements for better browsing experience and speed when the web page is loading. However some of advertising tracking scripts may be run or execute that we can not fully detect. User should understand how the privacy policy for the website is visiting.

Private Mode

In private mode, the browsing history, cookie, web database and session data are reset for new visit and will be cleared up when the window is closed.

Firebase Analytics

Gear is using Firebase Analytics powered by Google for recording interaction and usage activities for understanding how user using our application and continue improving the experience. It will not share any of user data mentioned above to Google or any third-party companies.

Third parties

Gear is using the following open-source projects for our application: