Gear Browser

Web Browser for Geek

Exploration Never Stopped

Next Gen Dark Mode

The brand new intelligent adaptive dark mode algorithm presents better visual effects to protect your eyes and further power-saving.

Modern Design

Elevating content with seamless animations and creative interactions.

Enjoy the Experience We Redefined

Using 250,000+ rules to block ads and trackers

To speed up and protect your privacy

Gear Player

Flexible Design. Picture-in-Picture and AirPlay supported.

Userscript Add-ons

Unlimited Power,
Unlimited Possibility.

High-performance Userscript engine, compatibility with Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey scripts, perfectly integrated with the browser.

Full Screen Mode

Immersive Experience,
Play Game Like a Pro.

Professional Productivity on iPads

Explore more features optimized for iPadOS with exclusive experience and productivity.


We update and adapt to the latest technology to continuously bring new features and enhance user experience.


Your data and privacy are our top concern. We focus on keeping everything safe.


We firmly believe technology should be inclusive. Gear browser is designed to be accessible to everyone and ensure enjoying the internet experience.

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